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"We deliver resumes fast that are cheap resumes in price but not cheap resumes in quality."









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>>>How does your 3-Step Process as shown above work?


STEP 1: Make your secured payment in full of $39 by clicking on the blue Buy Now button shown above. It will open to payment options, such as MC/Visa or PayPal. You will immediately receive your receipts and an emailed confirmation of payment from Q&A Resumes and a brief overview stating that this is a resume makeover and that we are able to revamp the resume in content and design, but cannot collaborate on missing information -- only improve it. We will include a checklist of things to consider before sending it over to us.

STEP 2: You can use the link above to email us your resume. If you have any technical issues with emailing your resume from this page, the direct email address is resumewriter@quickandaffordableresumes.com. We will confirm receipt.

We will contact you immediately if we have any major concerns. For example, if it is extremely technical, multiple pages, and very complex in nature, we reserve the right to refuse the project or to negotiate additional compensation. Or, if there simply not enough information for us to to work with. Feel free to email the resume first to see if we will accept it. We typically work with two page resumes that need a lot of work in terms of grammar, messaging, format, phrasing, clarity, consistency, and impact.

STEP 3: We will email you the new resume in 3-business days, along with a customizable cover letter and thank you letter on matching letterhead. You will have 24 hours to email us edits that pertain to information initially exchanged; not new information. We will apply the edits within 24 hours. Then we will finalize.

>>> How are you going to improve my resume exactly?

We will improve your resume's format.

We will improve your resume's wording and sentence structure.

If your resume is disorganized, we will organize it.

If your resume is poorly planned, we will move things around to create a better flow.

If your resume is too plain, we will make it more modern.

If your resume is too wordy, we will streamline it.

If your resume is redundant, we will change the wording.

If your resume has mistakes such as abbreviating a state in one place and spelling it out in another, we will correct it.

If you include months and years in one place and just years in another, we will use years only for consistency.

At the top of the resume, sometimes we use objective statements and other times we use "headliners".

Using our discretion, we might change an objective to a headliner, as follows: "Currently seeking to secure a position in consumer product sales with a large company offering a proven ability to develop new business" will change to "SALES & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT -- CONSUMER PRODUCTS".  

In the body of the resume, if you wrote "efficiently coordinated a construction project for a large hospital" we would re-write it by saying something like this: "Project managed the construction of a large medical center; completed the project on time and under budget working with onsite crews, trades, and municipalities to ensure code compliance, quality work, and safety. 

>>> How can you do so much work for only $39?

They say time is money and that we pay for what we get. But that's not always the case. If we do our research, we will find bargains. The resumes that Quick and Affordable Resumes significantly improve are cheap in cost only, but never cheap in quality. We are able to save time and money by eliminating the need for worksheets and scheduled phone consultations.


But we don't just wave our magic wand over your resume. We rework your resume from top to bottom. We have the experience to quickly size up your resume and evaluate what needs to be done to meet today's resume standards. This way, you can compete better in a competitive job market where position are filled fast. Once we decide what needs to be done, using our discretion and your existing information, we go to work on improving your resume in content and design. We have the technical and creative skills needed to effectively implement key changes. 

>>> What do I get for $39?

In addition to providing you with a better worded, organized, and designed resume that is also focused to brand you effectively, and which uses the right keywords based on your line of work, we provide you with a well-written cover letter and thank you letter that has the same letterhead to match your resume. Each letter includes fill-in-the-blank placeholders so you can easily customize them.  


>>>Will it ever cost more than $39?

Only if your resume is extremely technical, multi-pages, international CV to Resume conversions, or senior level executive. We reserve the right to negotiate a higher fee before we begin. If you do not agree, we will either negotiate the service level or refund in full. As for additional charges, you might ask for something separate such as another cover letter, a LinkedIn profile, or a second resume. We will negotiate. We do not want to put numerous prices on our site because it gets too busy. We'd rather keep things simple and customized. Even the price.

>>> I'm not sure if my resume meets your guidelines. Can I email it to you first? Can you tell me what you think and what you would do?

Yes, please email your resume to resumewriter@quickandaffordableresumes.com if you are not sure. That would save us a lot of time.

We cannot tell you what we are going to do. That would be a critique.

>>> Are we going to speak at all?

When you email us your resume, we give you the opportunity to express what you would like done to the resume. For example, "I am a customer service representative. I would like to apply to a position as a sales representative."  We are not going to ask you what you do because your resume should cover that for the most part, even if not as great as it could be. Since this is a makeover, we will know to add certain phrasing and keywords that might be missing.

We will provide a checklist of things to share with us in your old resume.

>>> What if I need to give you more information that is not on my current resume or need it updated with my current job?

We are a resume makeover service. If you do not provide us with your current experience, we cannot include it.  

You will have 24-hours to send us anything else you need incorporated into the new resume. You can email us or reach out to us via our LiveChat app on this page, even if we are offline. If you want to work with new information, you would need to rehire us for a second round with new information.

If you manage a budget but do not tell us the size of the budget, we will leave a blank for you to add it in. If you are a territory sales representative and do not specify what the region is, we will leave a blank for you to add it in. These examples are general to make a quick point. If you leave out extensive, information, we will not be able to include it because that is more than a quick resume makeover.  


Our goal is to reformat, reword, and improve your existing content and to design your resume so it looks professional and eye-catching. So kindly provide important details and metrics.


>>> How will you know what my concerns are?

When you place your order and email us your resume, you will have the opportunity to tell us anything important that you need us to know. For example, that you want the resume to be one page. If we feel it is impossible to do that without losing important information, we will do a two-page resume. But, we will do our best to create a one-page resume.

>>> What if I do not like what you do? Am I entitled to a refund?

You are entitled to a 100% refund as long as you can illustrate that we did not do as promised. Please keep in mind that we put many hours into reworking your resume. We care about quality and always want to grow our business with satisfied customers and referrals. This is not a full-blown resume "from scratch" even though the resumes we revamp are huge improvements.





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