Quick & Affordable Resumes is a "cheap resume service" that can transform your resume with WOW results!

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We are the perfect cheap resume service if your resume is guilty of . . .

       . . . lackluster format

       . . . poorly defined career focus

       . . . many inconsistencies  

       . . . missing industry keywords 

       . . . uses the same phrasing excessively 

       . . . needs a better sentence structure 

       . . . too short or too wordy





Why should I hire your "cheap resume service"?

Quick & Affordable Resumes has been in business since 2004. We have a strong LinkedIn network of professionals in the careers industry and great client testimonials. The resumes that we rework are cheap resumes in price only, but never cheap resumes in quality. 


We rework your resume from top to bottom. We have the experience to quickly evaluate what needs to be done to meet today's resume standards.


Once we decide what needs to be done, using our discretion, we work on improving your resume in content and design. We have the technical and creative skills needed to effectively implement key changes. 

How are you going to improve my resume exactly?

*  We will edit your resume's grammar and improve phrasing.

We will improve your resume's format and design.

If your resume is disorganized, we will organize it.

If your resume is poorly planned, we will create a better flow.

If your resume is too plain, we will make it more modern.

If your resume is too wordy, we will streamline it.

If your resume is redundant, we will change-up the wording.

If your resume has inconsistencies, we will make it more consistent.



How can you do so much work for only $39?

We save time (for us) and money (for you) by eliminating the need for worksheets and scheduled phone consultations. We are always an email away. 

What do I get for $39? Will it ever cost more than $39?

A resume that is edited, re-organized, re-designed, and focused. You also receive a customizable cover letter and thank you letter with identical letterhead as your resume. 


The fee would cost more if your resume is extremely technical, several-pages, or a CV-to-Resume conversion. We will quote a higher fee before we begin. If you do not agree, we will refund.

I'm not sure if my resume meets your guidelines. Can I email it to you first? Can you tell me what you would do?

Yes, email your resume if you are not sure. That would save us a lot of time. We cannot tell you what we are going to do. That would be a critique.

What if I need to give you something after I order?

When you place your order and email us your resume in MS Word, you will have the opportunity to tell us anything important that you need us to know.


What if I need my current job added?

We are a resume makeover service. We do not do resumes or updates from scratch or questionnaires. If you do not provide us with an updated resume (that needs a lot of work), we cannot include it.  

What if I do not like it? Am I entitled to a refund?

Please keep in mind that this is not a full-blown resume done "from scratch" even though the resumes we revamp are drastic  improvements. You are entitled to a 100% refund as long as you can illustrate that we did not do as promised. Please keep in mind that we put many hours into reworking your resume and also include letters. We would prefer to revise the resume so you have what you need. We care about quality and always want to grow our business with satisfied customers and referrals.






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