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-- What Defines A Cheap Resume Service? --

You probably see these terms everywhere online when looking for a resume. But what does it actually mean? What does the dictionary say about the word cheap?

The word "cheap" certainly has a negative connotation that an item is poorly constructed, won't last long, or lacks quality. According to Merriam-Webster, this definition fits the third on their list., as well as many other lower-cost resume writing services on the Internet that offer affordable resume writing services at a discounted rate in comparison to many of today's more mainstreamed resume services, fall under the first two definitions by Merriam-Webster.

Let's take a look at an official definition of the word cheap at

a : purchasable below the going price or the real value
b : charging or obtainable at a low price <a good cheap hotel> <cheap tickets>
c : depreciated in value (as by currency inflation) <cheap dollars>

When you make travel plans, you search for bargains, but you never question the quality of the services because many of the vendors are well-known companies.

This is true for We have been in business since 2007 and hold the resume writing industry's top credentials such as memberships with three of the top certifying organizations and designation as Certified Professional Resume Writer.

Many resume writing services interview their customers/clients to obtain new information. That is certainly a valuable services, but it comes at a higher price because it is more involved.

Many job seekers have an existing resume, but they lack the critical eye needed to know what is missing; the creative skills to format the resume to make it look sharp and eye-appealing; and the technical skills to know how to balance the two in a way that results in a highly professional resume that says WOW!

So how much should someone pay for such a service? The going rate at the more expensive resume services that require the completion of questionnaire's and schedule 1-hour consultations start at $200, which is considered affordable for that level of service.

Then there are affordable resume services that average $49 to $89 to speak with you directly to obtain more information for a new resume. Some offer free cover letters and thank you letters. Others charge separately for these valuable add-on career documents.

Most, if not all of the cheap and lower-priced resume services also offer to give a faster turnaround than the more expensive service providers.

Then there is Quick and Affordable Resumes. We are a little bit different because we take an existing resume and flip it on its head in wording and design. The end result is surprisingly different from top to bottom! 

Best of all, there's no need for a conversation or a questionnaire, and we throw in a free cover letter and thank you letter for the low price of $39. That's about $10 per document! So why would we do this, you ask?

It's simple. We are good at what we do and can do it quickly. 

We are not for a job seeker who needs a resume from scratch, needs a resume update, or needs to speak with someone to ask a lot of questions, get career advice, or discuss what they've done that is not on their current resume in a basic way (we greatly improve "basic"!).

On the other hand, we're perfect for a job seeker whose resume is "almost there" but doesn't really look so great, whose grammar skills are not the best, and whose literacy in "resume-ease" is a bit rusty.

Our ideal customer is someone who lacks all of the above and who doesn't have the technical or creative skills to create a resume that can grab the attention of a hiring manager and build their confidence.

If you think is the type of "cheap resume service" that you need because it is exactly the type of resume service that you've been looking for, then hire us at no risk!

To learn more, read our Frequently Asked Questions at and place your no-obligation order of only $39 today! We guarantee it will be one of the best affordable investments you've ever made!

To your career success,

The Q&A Team

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