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Job interviews and casting calls are very similar. Interviewers and casting director, as well as their team (casting crews and department managers), judge on performance and appearance.

But, there is one major difference - your job interview is based on real life. If your resume were a script and your anticipated answers that you memorized the night before fit perfectly with the anticipated questions posed during the interview, you'd get hired on the spot.

That is because job interviews are designed to explain what you've done in the past that demonstrates why you would be a good fit for the position. You must come across natural and sincere in order to be convincing. It's not just about how you are speaking as much as it is about what actually being said.

The best way to know what you should be saying is to research the company and the requirements of the position first. That way you will have a frame of reference for how your experience would be applicable.

You will not need to over rehearse if you are the right person for the job. You only need to think about what they need and what you can do for them. The rest should come naturally. If it doesn't come naturally, then perhaps you do not have enough information or experience, or you are just nervous.

Do visualization techniques if you are nervous or need a boost of confidence. Think about yourself in that role. Imagine your future boss approaching you to ask you to do what is outlined in the job ad. Would you know what they are talking about and how to go about it?

If you find that you get nervous just anticipating the interview, you need to overcome these feelings. One way is to sit alone in a quiet area and role play the parts of both your interviewer and yourself. Make up questions based on the job ad requirements. Rent interview books from the libary and select common interview questions to ask out loud.

You will be amazed at how different it is to ask the questions out loud versus thinking them in your head. Sit in front of a mirror and look straight in your own eyes and answer the question. Or, as crazy as it might sound, use a stuffed animal to talk to. The idea is that you are focused and will practice speaking while holding eye contact.

Your answers should be brief and addressthe questions directly. Be careful not to say um too much or look around the room while speaking. If you're not sure how effective your 'performance' is, you can videotape yourself or ask a friend or family member to role play with you.

Whatever you do, make sure you research the company and practice beforehand, but do not over rehearse canned answers. Keep it real. You might just get the part!


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