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Everyone wants to perform well on their job interview. The problem is they do not take the necessary steps to prepare. If you are fortunate enough to hear back from a company after you submit your resume, don't think that just being on time and dressing nicely is enough.

Company are going to judge you on many points. Being on time, how you look, and how you communicate. The last point is probably the most important because it is what you say and how you say it that will resonate with the interview the most.

In the event you are not dressed as professionally as you should be or maybe even overdressed, your ability to articulate what you have done and what you can do will overcompensate for the wardrobe hiccup. If you answer their questions intelligently and concisely, and ask great questions of your own based on your research about interviewing, such as this article and scoured their website to learn about their product and services -- they will forget about what you are wearing and will become engaged in the conversation with you. They will know you did your homework and are not just going through the motions and assuming you have the job just because they called you in. Moreover, they will realize that you are not looking for just any job -- that you care about where you work and want to know more about the company, not just the hours and salary.

You have one chance to deliver a great performance. If you play your cards well, you will get a second change to impress them again in a follow up interview. Research the company and put together a set of questions that show the interviewer that you understand what their company does and would like to know more about how the position you are interview for plays into the overall process.

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