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Can I speak with a resume writer about my resume?

We do not speak with clients by phone. We do, however, communicate by email.

My most recent job is not on my current resume. Can you update my resume with the new job details?

Only if you do a ROUGH in your existing resume.

Can I email you the details of my current job so you can add it to my resume?

No. We do not accept the details pasted in an email. It must be the resume file itself. 

Why can’t I give you the details of my recent job in an email?

Because the resume cannot exceed 3 pages and we cannot properly gauge it. PLUS, we receive MANY emails a day and that process increases the risk of possibility losing data. As a result, it creates more work and we lose time.

Please know that the standard price is $39 for up to 3 pages.

The price increases to 2 payments of $39 if the resume is 4 to 5 pages in length.

We do not accept resumes that exceed 5 pages in length.

Note: the font must be at least size 11. If you send us a resume with very small text and it turns into a 4 or 5 page resume when we adjust the size of the text, we will give you the option to send an additional payment or resend us a resume that meets our requirement (for the $39 price point).

I need to discuss my resume update. I need to explain how I want my new job added to my resume. Is there a number to reach? Or can someone call me?

As stated above, we do not speak with clients or prospective clients by phone, only by email.

We do not update resumes. We are a resume polishing / makeover service. There is no need for a consultation because we fix resumes, improve resumes, and design resumes. We do not write resumes from scratch or update resumes with missing / most recent jobs.

I do not have a resume. Can you create one for me?

No. We are a resume makeover service. You must provide us with a resume that is already done, but needs a lot of work.

What are you going to do to my resume?

  • Edit your entire resume’s grammar and phrasing.
  • Improve your resume’s sentence structure.
  • Streamline and improve run-on sentences.
  • Create a new profile / summary with targeted key words.
  • Implement a better content flow and strategy.
  • Eliminate inconsistencies and redundancies.
  • Correct common resume blunders.
  • Transform your resume’s layout / format / design.

Who is going to makeover my resume?

A certified professional resume writer (CPRW) with accomplished experience both creating and improving resumes for clients from many industries and career levels.

Do you do LinkedIn Profiles?


Do you do cover letters?


I’m not sure if my resume meets your requirements. Can I email it to you first?

Yes, email us your resume first if you are not sure. If you place your order first and we decline the project, we will promptly issue a full refund. To avoid this, keep your existing and already updated resume (that needs work) to a max of 3 pages.

How does your process work?

  • All you need to do is place your order and email us your resume
  • Your resume must be one editable file (not scanned images or handwritten notes).
  • We will confirm payment and turnaround date via email.
  • We will ask you a few general questions before we get started.

For example, we might want to confirm the type of job you are targeting; to ask you for missing dates and locations; or to request permission to eliminate something, along with an explanation.

  • There is no need for worksheets or consultative phone calls.
  • You can chat with your writer via email M-F 9-5 EST.
  • We extend courteous and highly professional customer service.

What do you need from me to makeover my resume?

1. MS Word version of your current resume – maximum 2 pages.

2. Full payment of $39 before we start (see more below for additional pricing).

Will it ever cost more than $39

One payment of $39 for a resume no more than 3 pages.

Two payments of $39 for resumes that are 4 to 5 pages in length.

We do not accept resumes that exceed 5 pages in length.

Note, the font must not be smaller than pt. 11. We have received lengthy resumes with font sizes of 10, but know that once it is normalized to pt. 11, it adds another page to the length of the resume.

How can you do so much work for such low rates?

We save time (for us) and money (for you) by eliminating the need for worksheets and phone calls.

Our price can make us seems like a “cheap resume service,” but make no mistake — we are hands-down one of the best affordable services around. We are certified with extensive resume writing experience and have been online since 2004 with a solid record of success! We have a strong LinkedIn network of recruiters and HR professionals in the careers industry and great (real) client testimonials. We transform lackluster resumes into WOW resumes that are well worded and attractive. Our clients love the work and appreciate the level of customer service we provide for the low cost of only $39.

How do I send you my resume?

Use the “Email Resume” button (“Step 2”) on our Order page or email it to us directly at qnaresumewriter@gmail.com. 

How long does it take to get my new resume?

5 business days e.g. Mon to Mon, excluding weekends and holidays, starting the day after the order. For example, if you hire us Friday, you will receive your resume on Monday by 5PM EST, one week later.

Here is the schedule:

Order Mon: receive your resume makeover Tuesday (one week later).
Order Tues: receive your resume makeover Wednesday (one week later).
Order Wed: receive your resume makeover Thursday (one week later).
Order Fri: receive your resume makeover Monday (one week later).

Again, please note that the office is closed on weekends and holidays.

What if I want revisions after I see the resume?

You can request edits upon review of your resume makeover. 

What if I do not like it? Am I entitled to a refund?

You are entitled to a 100% refund if you can illustrate that we did not do as promised. We put several hours into reworking your resume. We care about quality and always want to grow our business with satisfied customers, referrals, and LinkedIn Recommendations.