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    LinkedIn Recommendations

    August did a fabulous job of tweaking and re-organizing my resume. She is extremely professional, provides fast service and has impeccable attention to detail. i highly recommend her for jobs that need such quality in addition to her resume makeover services.

    Zhada Eaves
    Health & Fitness Marketing Professional

    I honestly could not believe the high quality of work I received for $39.00. I was getting so frustrated trying to find an affordable resume service, because who can spend hundreds of dollars on a resume while they are looking for a job? I really thought this was too good to be true. August contacted me immediately after receiving my payment, asked all the right questions, and less than a week later, I had a beautifully designed resume. I had my resume up on many sites and rarely was contacted. After replacing my resume with the one August made-over for me, I had 5 requests from different companies wanting to interview me, within 3 hours! This service is absolutely, 100% the best quality resume service you will find at an affordable price! I would gladly recommend this service to anyone!

    Laurie Christine
    Associate Long-term Care Ombudsman

    August did me a huge favor in transforming my college resume into a professional career resume! Fresh out of college and was looking to begin my career in HR. Without any experience directly in that field, August gave me advise on where I should begin my career. She informed me that, hey, maybe you should consider other spectrums of HR. She suggested something lighter, to start off my career and gain experience. With the help of August redirecting my focus on my resume, I began applying to new career options. I received endless opportunities and LANDED MY FIRST JOB out of college, as a recruiter! I am very excited t begin my new journey as a recruiter! So hey if any RNs or LVNs are interested in top opportunities, I am your girl! Thank you August!

    Sameje Palmer
    Staffing Coordinator

    Have no fear, August is here to save your resume! I discovered August’s services through LinkedIn and browsing Quick and Affordable resume writer’s website. She provides superb service and outstanding clarity in her communication emails. She revived my slowly dieing resume and brought it back to life. I am so pleased with my resume and literally cannot stop smiling everytime I think about it. In my old resume I was blinded and stuck at what terms to use and how to exude my skills. With August’s help I have received a boost in confidence and self worth.

    Fateala Vines
    Cyber Security, Security+

    August is amazing and talented and very responsive!! She needs to raise her prices because her work is terrific and professional. Total bargain. Smart and technical and prompt. Home run! Use her ASAP!

    Charles Dumas
    Foundation Philanthropy Officer

    August does phenomenal top quality work. She completely gave my resume a make over and made it look more up to date. Very nice to work with.

    Tracy Woods
    Senior Medical Safety Analyst

    After reviewing my resume for a days and realizing that I wasn’t getting any call backs/emails from potential employers, I knew I needed a serious resume makeover, and after carefully browsing through Google, I stumbled upon Ms August. She was very affordable, professional and easy to communicate with. She took the time to understand my needs and the direction I wanted to go with my career. I received my new resume today and I am very pleased. She definitely exceeded my expectations. I am and will always be forever grateful for her services. I can’t wait to start submitting my NEW resume to potential employers. I will definitely recommend her to anyone who is need of a serious resume makeover. I guarantee they won’t be let down.

    Shannon Carroll
    Cyber Security

    August is amazing! I was in a desperate search for help on my wordy resume. I found her in a google search and she was able to capture my work history and experience to highlight my abilities as a professional with no correspondence. She is a resume ninja and I will definitely come to her again when I need to!

    Tara Anderson
    Executive Assistant

    August delivered a wonderful resume that I’m sure will be looked at by recruiters when applying for jobs. I would highly recommend August to all my friends needing resume help, she delivers exactly what she promises.

    Helena Adams
    International Advisor & Educator

    August gives us a wonderful service at an affordable price. My resume had a dated look and I love how she transformed it so now I am proud to send it out. Don’t hesitate if you need a new resume.

    Susan Forster

    August responded promptly to my resume request, she did a great job overhauling my resume, similar priced services cost five times as much, are slower and in my opinion are lower quality. I am very happy with her services, fast friendly and cheap, you can’t beat it.

    Joseph Steven
    Software Developer

    The makeover August have my resume was amazing. I recommended her to 4 other friends who where amazed by the resume and format. Definitely coming back to August.

    Nancy Arreola
    Community Liaison Officer

    Wow! Highly recommended! I wasn’t sure what $39 would get me, but figured anything would be helpful. It was awesome, way better then I expected. Extremely professional and got mine done a day earlier, then she told me she would. Thanks so much!!!

    Jamie McAnulty
    Executive/Administrative Assistant

    August did an excellent job highlighting my skills, and branding me so professionally on my resume. She is very proficient and offers an in-depth service, for a very affordable price to tailor your resume in a way that it is streamlined to highlight your professional profile to be very noticeable and sought by employers. I would highly recommend her services.

    Shanti Sheba Reniguntala
    Project Manager & IT Business Development (RE Construction)

    I highly recommend August for her professionalism and skills at revising my resume in order to make it a more efficient looking resume. Her response time to questions and the completion of the resume revision was quick and I really appreciate all of her work and feedback. 

    Svetlana Rudina
    Marketing Manager & Project Coordinator

    August has done a wonderful job giving my resume a makeover. She reviewed my resume and knew right away what needed to be revised in order to produce a professional resume that would meet my job hunting needs.  
    August resume services are also affordable, with high quality. I give her a 5***** rating!

    Gwendolyn Copeland
    Human Resources Professional

    If you are looking for a Resume makeover, I would highly recommend August McLaughlin. She was easy to correspond back and forth with, and was able to transform a lot of information and make it into and eye catching resume. And the price was 39.00. What a deal! Do not wait on this, get a hold of her now, you wont be disappointed.

    Shawn Astin
    Event Manager

    I recommend August for any resume that needs transforming, she did an excellent job with creating a professional resume for myself. As a new customer, I read all the FAQ’s, and researched her website, after a week, I received my resume, and I am a very satisfied customer. Thanks, August

    Susie Aubrey
    BSHA, HM

    August updated my resume recently and did an awesome job! She outlined all of my skills/background extensively and re-formatted it so that it will be more attractive to potential employers. This saved me a lot of time and headache! Thank you for being so thorough and for the fast turnaround!

    Jordan Kollar
    Business Operations Professional

    August at Quick and Affordable Resumes did a great job with my resume. It had been a while since it was updated. August was great to work with. She explained what she was going to do, exceeded my expectations, and delivered the resume early. The whole process was very easy considering the results! I highly recommend this service. Thank you August!

    Laurie Slay
    Senior Service Delivery Manager – IT Governance

    August did a phenomenal job. I am very pleased with the result of her work. It was exactly what I wanted. She got back promptly within the committed time and she is very responsive. The price was very affordable as well. I would highly recommend her services.

    Suresh Venkatramani
    Vice President, Technology

    If you want a real amazing product that’s worth way more than the price please use August’s resume services. I’m real impressed on how she transformed my resume. She will definitely WOW you! Don’t wait any longer, and use a real professional that will help you market yourself for your next career.

    Ernest Watson
    Store Manager 

    I Recommend August McLaughlin services to anyone in need of a Resume makeover. It’s affordable trustworthy and it aligns with your attributes that you can give to other employers when job seeking. Got mines back today started to apply and with instance I started getting back replies and voice messages from different employers including the ones I been applying to for the longest these are great results and I am thankful of the services She has provided me. August services are the most deserving try it out TODAY!!!!

    Victor Harris II
    Store Manager

    • Place your order using the Step 1 button.   
    • Upload your resume using the Step 2 button to access the form so you can upload your resume and answer a few questions.
    • Your resume must be an editable MS Word or PDF file.
    • I will confirm payment the same day, often within a couple of hours, or the next morning if the order is placed in the evening.
    • When you place your order you will receive an automated email confirmation from PayPal for your records and protection.
    • Note that the PayPal email confirmation for tracking purposes is
  • Please note that I do not makeover resumes for executives or IT pros.  These resumes are more involved and require a level of communication, info gathering, and consultation that my business model is not geared towards (my experience is, but not my business model. See below).  

    $39 (1 X $39 upon placing your order):

    1-page resume makeover / significant improvement

    $78 (2 X $39 upon placing your order):

    2-page resume makeover / significant improvement 


    If you already placed your order and do not meet requirements: 

    I will either decline and promptly issue a refund with a brief explanation (not a resume critique) or propose a customized quote, along with an explanation, for your consideration and approval. 

    Reasons include: if you are an executive, are in IT, or have a resume that exceeds two pages or is unusually technical, scientific, complex or empty (not enough to work with without info gathering e.g. one line per employer entry.

    Ready to order, but are not sure if you meet requirements? 

    Email your resume to or use the chat widget (bottom right). I will review your resume and either decline with an explanation or propose a customized quote, for your consideration and approval. 


    • Unfortunately, no. We consider that a new resume because we need to gather new information, and that is not a service level we provide.   
    • We do not gather additional information or do phone consultations.
    • We are strictly a resume makeover / polishing / improvement service.


    • Yes. The fee is $39 in most cases.
    • The fee could be $78 if there is extensive work needed e.g. new profile / career focus, nearly a full rewrite / editing of 2 pages, or the need for a second page.
    • If you are now an executive (good for you!), we maintain the right to either decline or propose a customized quote for your consideration and approval.
    • To confirm the fee and requirements, email your resume and concerns to or use the chat widget (bottom right).    

    Here is what we will need from you once we get underway:

    • Your recent work history using the resume file that we did for you. If you do not have it, let us know and we will email it to you.
    • Last employer name(s), your job title(s), location(s) (city/state), and employment dates (month/year).
    • Type of jobs you will be applying to so we can tailor the profile.
    • What to emphasize in regard to you work history and goals.
    • What the company does e.g. types of products and services they provide, and type of customers they service.
    • What they hired you do job wise, what you daily, and your work environment e.g. field, call center, corporate office, sales office, virtual office, etc.
    • How you saved money, increased productivity or improved procedures.
    • Indicate what might need to be changed or added e.g. contact info, your last name (recently married), education, certifications, software programs, etc. 
    • Indicate if something needs to be removed in order to make room for the new information if it will not fit on the resume without creating another page.    
    • Indicate if you want color added, changed or removed at the top of the resume. 
  • There is a one week turnaround from the day the order is placed, as follows:

    • Monday to Monday
    • Tuesday to Tuesday
    • Wednesday to Wednesday
    • Thursday to Thursday
    • Friday to Friday
      * Does not include holidays.
    • All orders are delivered via email by 5pm EST, M-F.
    • Unfortunately, due to the high volume of orders for our popular resume polishing services, we are not able to expedite. 
    • Feel free to email us at or use the chat widget (bottom right) to explore the possibility of an expedited timeline and an expedite fee, starting at $39, based on the timeline and complexity of the resume.  
    • I will email you from to confirm your order, career goal/objective, and anything of importance. 
    • I do not conduct consultations. We do not speak by phone.  
    • If your resume is missing critical information such as job titles, employment dates, locations (cities and states), or contact information for the top of the resume, I will request it before starting your resume makeover.  Please know that this will delay the turnaround time, so please include it upon ordering. 


  • In a nutshell, this is what I will do to improve your resume:

    • Make your resume more ATS friendly
    • Create a new profile / summary with the right key words.
    • Make you more appealing to a hiring manager on paper.
    • Enhance your resume’s layout (chronological, attractive).
    • Edit your resume’s grammar, phrasing and sentences.
    • Eliminate inconsistencies and redundancies.
    • Correct common resume blunders.

    I make the process easy and the cost very manageable because I know what to do.

    The only drawback is if your resume does not include achievements, I cannot include them. I can only greatly improve what you provide.

    If your resume is missing qualifiable and quantifiable achievements, I recommend that you invest in working closely with a resume writer. Yes, you will pay more and will need to complete a questionnaire or engage in a consultative info-gathering phone call to tell them what you’ve done in your career, including accomplishments, but it will be worth the effort and expense.

    That being said, if your resume does include accomplishments, even if in a lackluster way, I can make them shine.  Tip: show what you did that made a difference in the workplace and include metrics so the reader can measure your performance. If confidential, use percentages vs. actual numbers.

    The results I achieve after I create a new branded profile and improve the overall organization and visual layout of the resume makes a tremendous difference.

    Note that I do not do graphic resumes. Those formats have such minimal content, which I feel limits the presentation of a job seeker’s background.   

    Combined with content changes, such as better word choices and phrasing, the above phases take the resume to the next level.

    However, before I do the heavy lifting, I first correct many common blunders and inconsistencies that only a trained resume writer and hiring managers can see. This phase of the process is worth my fee alone!   

    • I save time (for me) and money (for you) by eliminating worksheets and phone calls. I know what needs to be done based on years of experience. 
    • My pricing might make QNA Resumes seem like a “cheap resume service,” but make no mistake — QNA Resumes is hands down one of the best affordable services in the nation.
    • I am certified with extensive resume writing experience and have been online since 2004 with a record of success!
    • I have a strong LinkedIn network of recruiters and HR professionals in the careers industry and many great Client Recommendations.
  • You are entitled to a 100% refund if you can illustrate that I did not do as promised. I put several hours into reworking your resume. I care about quality and always want to grow our business with satisfied customers, referrals, and LinkedIn Recommendations.

  • I am the principle here at QNA Resumes. As a pro resume writer with decades of experience writing high-level resumes, I have been helping clients from all occupations and career levels land interviews during busy job search periods of the year, economic recessions, and hiring freezes. 

    The job market is saturated and everything is so expensive these days. I know we all want to pay less for quality. Heck, I sure do!  That is why I started Quick & Affordable Resumes (QNA Resumes) in 2004.

    I crafted a unique business model that parlays my vast skills, knowledge and talent writing resumes in order to offer a resume improvement service that eliminates the need to asking dozens of questions.

    That is why I am thrilled you are here! I have the skills you are looking for in an exception resume writer at a competitive price for what I offer — the ability to transform your resume from lackluster to WOW! All you need to do is place your order, upload your resume, and give me one week. Can it get any easier?

    Order a resume makeover today!

    August McLaughlin, CPRW
    Certified Professional Resume Writer


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